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What is AMP? How it Works and Who Should use Google AMP?

What is AMP How it Works

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. As the name suggests, this is a technique that increases the page loading speed of a website on a mobile device.

This technique is developed by Google keeping in mind that most of the traffic is getting from mobile devices. Since the less time website takes for the loading, the higher are the chances that visitors will stay on your site, so it is important for the website owner to improve the website’s speed.

Google also considers the load time for the ranking, so again, it is good to have a low load time so that your website loads faster than the others.

How does AMP Site work?

The first thing that you should know is that your website will load normally on the desktop. There will be no change in your website when some access it from a desktop computer.

Now, when some open your site directly or from a social media referrer link, again it will load just like your simple site. But when someone searches for a keyword in Google and your site appears in the search result, AMP pages will work.

When someone came to your site by using mobile and searching on Google, then your site will load faster and its AMP version will load on the mobile device.

According to a survey, the AMP pages loads 80% faster than simple pages.

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Who Should Upgrade to AMP Site?

Those, who only need to show some information to visitors must use the AMP technology on their website. If you need to educate people about a specific thing, you can use AMP as your site will load faster and people will be happy to visit your site again and again.

Those who monetize their website with Google Adsense can also use the AMP version of their site as Google also recommends AMP for good Adsense earning.

Who Should Avoid AMP Site?

With a lot of benefits, the AMP site has some disadvantages as well. If you are using a lot of scripts on your site to get some analytics reports, then you might lose those analytics as many scripts will not run on AMP site.

If your intention is to encourage visitors to share your site on social media platforms by using the social buttons, then probably your social buttons wouldn’t appear on the AMP site.

When you need your visitors to fill some forms in order to get more leads or to collect some data, you should avoid the AMP site. These forms will not load on the AMP site and you will lose those visitors as they will not be able to see any form on your site.

More Information on AMPS Site

If you want to know more about what is AMP, then you should visit this link: as you can find a lot more stuff about this technology.

You can learn about more advantages and disadvantages of using Accelerated Mobile Pages technology for your website. Also, keep in mind that there are many other ways to improve the website loading speed other than AMP, so you can consider those methods as well.

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