What is the Purpose & Importance of Prototype Build before Production

3d prototype

The main purpose of Prototyping is to create physical objects as sample products to describe the clients how their final product will look alike. In industry, before making a final product, a prototype of that object is created so that engineers and other experts can study different aspects of the final product without wasting a lot of money.

The models are created with 3D printers using cheap plastic materials which saves money.

Benefits Of Making A Prototype

  • This can be useful to showcase your future products for customers and investors
  • Easy to demonstrate the spec, like dimensions, appearance, and features of the product
  • With a prototype, you can test the design before its productivity
  • It is helpful to make the final products flawless by identifying the flaws in the prototype model
  • With this, the production process improves a lot
  • It is easy to create multiple samples with different colors and materials

Though it is possible to show the visual design of the product to customers by using CAD, but it is difficult to explain each and every aspect of the product. It is also more difficult to convince the customer how your product would be better than your competitors.

With the prototyping facility you can easily show the three-dimensional model to your customer and also it will help the customer to give you the feedback in a better way.

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With digital designs, there is a high risk that customers can disapprove of the final project or he might accept the project but not satisfied with it and next time he might select some other manufacturer. But thanks to Prototype service which increases the customer’s satisfaction and trust in the seller and it also increases the sales as well.

As we pointed earlier, creating a prototype before creating the final object saves a lot of time and money. If you don’t have the 3-dimensional model then you have to create the 1st lot of the product. And if there is any flaw, all the objects of that lot are just a waste. Hence you need to spend more money and more time to get some profit out of your new design and product.

There are many other advantages of rapid prototyping and in this article, we have tried our best to demonstrate the main advantages of this revolutionary technology.

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