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What To Do When Your SEO Campaign Fails

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On different search engines optimization forums and blogs, you can find many companies and individuals who are complaining that they have spent a lot of budget and time to bring their website on the top page of Google but their SEO campaign fails every time. I myself have found many websites owned by the big groups are spending money on their SEO campaigns. They do all the good things like getting high quality link backs from authority websites, creating informative articles and publish those articles on relevant blogs. They also create infographics, creating videos to reach more people through YouTube, submitting press releases and much more they do what could be suggested by any professional SEO expert.


But after wasting a lot of money and the most important thing, their precious time, the come up with total failure. Always remember that like any other project, the basic work of SEO campaign should be done perfectly and in the right direction. Have you ever think about what should you do when all your SEO campaigns fail after all your hard work and the correct SEO strategy?

If with all your hard, good and professional work you are not able to get desired rankings in search engines, it simply means your basics had problems. In any Search Engine Optimization campaign, the basics are selecting the right keywords to target the right audience.

This is the biggest mistake done by many SEO companies that they start creating link building without targeting the right keywords. Most of the individuals and companies invest their money and time on wrong keywords and they failed to realize that what would be the competition in the online market with those keywords.

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You can understand this with a simple example; let’s say you are starting an online shop where you want to sell women shoes. Now “women shoes” is a broad keyword, for the time being, keep the competition aside, suppose you get the top rankings on Google. But even after getting on the top page you will not be able to get the orders, just because there would be many people searching only for women shoe designs, they are not interested in shopping.

Some people will be searching the same keyword to write find articles about women shoes as they have to write an article by getting some information from the internet. Few people will be looking for a local store in their area/city and they won’t order you as you are not located in their area. So overall you will get very few or even no orders even by getting on the top page.


But the main thing is that it will take a lot of time to get your online store on top page with such a broad keyword as the competition for this keyword would be very high. On the other hand, if you hire professional SEO expert he will tell you to target “online shopping shoes for women”, “buy women shoes”, “buy shoes online Canada”, “buy shoes online India”, “discount women’s shoes” and much more keywords like these, then your competition will be much less. You can easily get the top page ranking for various keywords in less budget and in less time. All the visitors that reach to your website would be your potential customers as they search the website because they want to buy the shoes and there is no other purpose.

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I will provide a detailed guide on how to select the rankable and profitable keywords for a successful SEO campaign, but if you feel that you are not good enough to select the right keywords then you should get some professional SEO services from the renowneded company.

A professional SEO company will save a lot of money and your precious time by providing you best keywords to focus on your ongoing SEO campaigns. With that, you can achieve your goals very easily and you can also increase your sales by targeting the right long tail keywords for the right audience. If you want to learn how to search rankable and profitable keywords, then keep visiting my blog, soon I will publish a detailed step by step guide along with the video on this topic.


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