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What to wear in Egypt? A guide for Men and Women

Last updated on November 21, 2019


What to wear is either depends on your own liking and disliking or on the weather conditions. But sometimes when you are at a place where you don’t belong, you must consider the local culture and customs of local people while choosing your clothes.


Egypt is one of the most popular tourists place in the world because of some amazing facts about Egyptian Pyramids. Every year a lot of tourists visit different historical and adventurous places in Egypt.

When you are going to Egypt, you should somehow care about your dressing. Egypt is a Muslim state and Muslim communities have a special dress coding as they don’t want to reveal the body parts too much.

So, when you are in Egypt you should consider the sentiments of the local people and you should respect their concerns about dressing. When you are in a Muslim country, then not only the women but men should also know what they should wear and what they should not.

What to Wear in Egypt

Clothing tips for Women

As we all know that Muslims give much respect to women and they don’t want to reveal the body of women, so ladies should know what to wear while they are in Egypt.

what to wear in Egypt women

Well, don’t think that Egypt is a state of stone age where you have to cover yourself completely. People of Egypt are very friendly and they respect the ladies’ tourists as well.

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They also understand that tourists can’t wear exactly the same clothes as the local people do. But anyhow, you can’t wear what you wear in European countries.

While you are at your hotel, you can wear anything you like. But never think about going outside topless or in a Bikini. Women can wear long shorts and t-shirts. They will be more comfortable in this dress and the local people won’t mind as well.

While you are in a tourist place like El Gouna Excursions, you can even wear shorts with sleeveless shirts. People of Egypt in tourist places understand these things and they are more concerned about selling their product rather than noticing what you wear.


Again, never think to wear a Bikini or never go out topless even at the tourist place otherwise you might get upset by the behavior of the local people. Even regular tourists of Egypt don’t like it if someone wears a bikini or a dress that is too revealing in the public place.


Remember, Egyptian people dislike if women reveal some part of the stomach or hips. Too much exposure of the cleavage is also disliked. So, remember this while you are on Hurghada excursions.

If you are visiting a religious place, then you should be more careful and should wear a kaftan so that your complete body should be covered except your face, hands, and feet.

Clothing tips for Men

There is a specific dress code for men. But that is only for the local people. As a tourist, you are not bound to wear the same dress. Men have the same options as women.

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Many people believe that Muslims don’t like pant shirts, but that is not true. You can wear that without any hesitation. You can wear shorts, you can wear trousers as well.

So, this is what you should wear and what you should avoid wearing while you are in Egypt.


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