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Some secret tricks for WhatsApp that you definitely want to know

Last updated on September 10, 2018


Almost every person who has a Smartphone and internet access also use Whatsapp messenger for daily conversations. There are various useful features of Whatsapp which makes it one of the best messenger. But these features might be useful for few people while some other might dislike these features as well.

Also, there are few Whatsapp secret tricks that might be very helpful for you to enable or disable some features of WhatsApp. These are not actually hidden, but many users don’t know about these features and they don’t even can think about these things that they have such great features in their WhatsApp messenger. Some of these secret WhatsApp tricks are mentioned below:

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  1. Bold, Italic or Strikethrough words

Sometimes in messages when you need to emphasize on different words or you want the reader to must read those important words, you would like to make those words italic, bold or you want to strikethrough those words as well. It is possible in Whatsapp messenger by only using an asterisk (*) on both sides of the word to make it *bold*, or you can add an underscore ( _ ) on both sides of words to make it _Italic_.

Whereas to make the word strikethrough you need to add tildes ( ~ ) on both sides of the word to make it ~strikethrough~. It will work for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Hide Blue Ticks

In traditional messaging, it is called delivery report, while in Whatsapp everyone knows those two blue ticks which tell you that your recipient has read your messages. Same way, when your friends send you messages and you read those, your friends get those blue ticks on their screen. But sometimes you don’t want the sender to know that you have read their messages because you don’t want to reply.

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When you read the message, the sender will get the blue ticks, but there is a trick that if even you read the message, sender won’t know about the fact that you have read his/her message.

iOS users: Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Toggle off Read Receipts.

Android users: Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Untick Read Receipts.

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  1. Mark the Chats unread

If you got a long message and you have read a part of it but don’t have time to read it completely, then you want to make it sure that next time you open your Whatsapp, that chat should appear in your unread chats so that you can read that again.

But unfortunately once you open a chat whether you read one line or whole message, it will be marked as read and next time you open the messenger, it won’t appear in your unread chats. But the good thing is you can easily mark any read chat as unread chat so that you can read those messages later.

iOS users: Chats >> Swipe left to right >> Mark as Unread

Android users: Long press chat >> Open Menu >> Mark as Unread

  1. Hide Profile Picture

If anyone adds your number to his/her mobile contacts, it is automatically added in the Whatsapp as well and then it starts showing your profile picture to the person who added your number. There is a possibility that a stranger adds your number and you don’t want to show your picture to that stranger, or if someone added you to a group where you have many strangers and you don’t want to show your profile picture to those strangers in the group, then with this simple trick you can hide your profile picture from strangers.

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Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Profile Photo

Above method will work for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Use older version of Whatsapp

In every new version of Whatsapp, it provides some new features and it might also be possible that they remove some old features which are not useful for many users, but you are the one who still wants to use that feature. In this case, you if your Whatsapp version has been updated automatically you can still go back to Whatsapp old version easily by downloading the APK of any old version of your own choice.

After downloading the older version from APK file, you then need to turn off the automatic update for Whatsapp messenger from the settings of your phone.

There are many more Whatsapp tricks which we will share later, so keep visiting our website for latest articles.

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