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Whether Hunting is good or bad for our environment?

Last updated on October 28, 2017


There are different views about hunting that whether it is good or bad for the environment. Some people say that hunting is not good for the environment as because of hunting many species ended or these species are very rare now. Here we will put both the views in detail but whether hunting is bad or good for the environment, one thing is very clear that if you are a fan of hunting and are going for it then you should use the best equipment for this purpose and for your safety. You should have a quality gun with you which could provide you accurate hit and you should also use best hunting vest as well.

Why hunting is bad for environment

Those people who are against hunting activities they argue that human beings only hunt for fun and to fulfill its selfish needs. They believe that every living species have all the rights to live and no one should be shoot down for any reason. They also argue that in the greed of fresh meet people go for hunting and they use to kill animals in greed. This shows their selfish and barbaric nature which should be criticized instead of encouraging them.


Their argument also based on the pain that animal feels when they are shoot down and they call hunting a cruel act. With the increasing trend of killing animals, many species are in danger of disappearing from the planet earth, the tiger is an example of this.

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Why hunting is good for environment

Those who are in favor of hunting the call it a healthy activity for human beings and they believe that it is good for the environment as there are many animals whose growth is very fast and if we don’t kill them for eating or for hunting they will be out of control. As compared to human, animals population increase very rapidly. Also, human beings need meet to balance their diet so slaughtering animals to get meet is very common. So when we can slaughter the animals, why not hunt them and take part in the healthy activity.

Their counter argument for not killing animals for meat is that alongside meet there are many more advantages like from the horns of elephant many expensive ornaments are prepared while the skin of most of the animals is used in making of leather jackets, leather bags, and other products. And many countries are exporting animal’s skin and other parts to fulfill the daily needs of human life.

So one can’t give the final verdict that whether the hunting is bad or good for the environment, but it is every individual’s thinking that how he looks at it. But again I would recommend you if you are going for hunting your own protection should be your first priority and using an upland hunting vest can save your skin from any bad scratches.


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