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Why Digital Data is Not Secured After Ransomware Attacks

Last updated on October 1, 2017


There is no second opinion that digital life is far more secure and easy as compared to life about 2 to 3 decades before. Now when everything is computerized it is very easy to find your required information from worldwide in few seconds. Also, big companies keep all their records computerized for easy access to all the previous documentation and all the records of their financial activities and legal records as well. It also provides extra layers of security for this data as common people and even computer experts can’t get access or hack your computers. But it is also a fact that there are some genuine hackers can find some security breaches in the firewall and security system of your data, and hence they can get your confidential information and it could be very harmful to any business or a person as well.

If you are using these digitized systems then you might face these problems as well. Sometimes you might become a victim of virus attack that deletes all your data and also with these virus attacks you can also be victimized by hackers who can hack your confidential information like your credit cards details, your passwords and bank accounts information. But these are old threats, now hackers are more advanced and they attack you in different new ways. One of the latest technology used is called RansomWare which is the latest type of malware which can block the access to your computer. In this technique, hackers can encrypt your important files with their algorithms and after that, you can’t access your files until you pay a ransom amount to that person after which they provide you a key to decrypt your files and can get back the access to your files.

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This type of attack also hacked Singapore where a lot of machines were affected by ransomware in which many individuals and companies were affected. Singapore Ransomware attacks were effective on big businesses but in these attacks, no information is security was affected on a governmental level. WannaCry ransomware was famous when you talk about Singapore ransomware so to avoid these attacks you should keep your operating systems up to date and also you should use paid antiviruses to avoid these attacks. You can also get the services of professionals if you are a big business or company.

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