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Why are Shoe Laces so Long? How to Shorten the Shoelaces To Look Cool

Last updated on January 11, 2018

why are shoelaces so long

If you buy any shoes from the market, you will find that with most of the shoes, the shoelaces are very long. At first look, you will not get any clue what to do with the excess length of shoelaces? There are different ways to look cool even with the long shoelaces but before we talk about those methods lets have a few words why are shoe laces so long?

Why are Shoe Laces so Long?

Different people have different opinions on this issue. But just like me, many other people believe that the extra length of boot laces is just to minimize the cost of production. This might be confusing to you that how is it possible to save cost by increasing the length of laces?

Actually, if a manufacturer designs a different size of laces for every shoe size, they have to go through various production processes. For every shoe size, they need to start the production of shoelaces again and again which increases the cost and they need more labor for that as well. Whereas, if they produce one size shoelaces that can fit for any shoe size, then they can manufacture all the shoelaces in just one production cycle and they don’t need to give extra time and labor for producing different sizes.

Another point of view is that manufacturer produce long laces so that user can tie the know in different possible ways, which is only possible if the length is longer. But for me, the first logic is more convincing about why are boot laces so long.

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How to Shorten Your Laces?

There are various methods which can be used to shorten the excess length. But here we will discuss only the three options which are more suitable for anyone.

  • Wrap Shoelaces Around Ankle: The best and the easiest way to shorten the excess length of shoe laces is to wrap the laces around the ankle. Many hikers do this while they go on hiking. It helps them in providing the extra support to ankles. But when you wrap the shoelaces around your ankle, make it sure that you don’t wrap it very tightly as it can slow down the blood circulation in the feet and it can also cause an injury as well.
  • Shorten Both the Ends: If you cut both the ends of the laces, that could also be a good solution. But remember you should have 4 aglets with you should know the procedure as well about how to repair shoe aglets because laces need to have aglets on both the ends.

You can go to ReviewShopp for more details on shoelaces and what to do with the long laces.

  • Use Double Ian Knot: If you don’t want to cut the ends of your laces and also don’t want to wrap the shoe laces around your ankle, then the best way to shorten the length and look cool is to tie a bulkier know. Double know or Double Ian Knot are the two knots which use more laces and you can shorten the laces with any of these knots.
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