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Why Thailand is Attraction for Chinese & Other Asian Tourists?

Last updated on September 30, 2017

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Thailand is one of the best places to visit and Asian countries love to visit Thailand. You can find a huge number of Chinese tourists in Thailand and they are increasing every year. Although there are some problems between Chinese tourists and the local Thai people as they believe that people of China don’t have good manners, but it is a fact that Thai government is earning a lot of money from the tourists of China. According to a study, every Chinese tourist spends $160 on an average on daily basis.

According to some reports from Thailand’s Tourism Department, there is a tremendous increase of Chinese tourists during last five years which is from 2.9 Million to 8.7 Million. In 2016 8.7 Million Chinese tourists visited Thailand’s different cities while in 2015 the count was about 4.5 Million. According to some survey reports by Thailand’s Tourism Authority, it is expected that in 2017 more than 9.5 Million Chinese tourists will visit the tropical country.

Thai authorities have found some complaints from the Chinese tourists that tourist agencies force them to buy some products from the Thai market as they have some kickbacks and commissions from those markets. After these reports, Thai authorities have ordered all the tourist agencies not to force anyone, any tourist whether he is from China or any other country to not to force them to buy any kind of product. Chinese tourists appreciate the steps taken by the authorities and they will come back to visit this wonderful place having beautiful beaches, lakes, forests, hill stations, developed cities and traditional old villages.

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The culture of both the countries is very different there is no doubt about it. The food is also different, Chinese food is normally boiled vegetables without any chilies whereas Thai food is famous all over the world especially in Asia for its spicy touch.

Chinese people don’t travel for the shopping as China itself has big markets which are best for the best products at cheap prices. The main purpose of Chinese people is to explore the more adventurous and exotic places which should also be safe for them.

Moreover, Thailand is located in Asia so it is very easy for Chinese tourists to visit an adventurous place which is close to them and they don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel. There are various trendy places in Thailand which attract Chinese people and tourists from all over the world. Thailand Tourism department is doing its best to attract and to facilitate the tourists so they have placed many instruction boards in different cities for Chinese people in the Chinese language in the first stage and they will do this for other people in other languages as well.

There is no doubt about the importance of tourism for Thailand as its economy mostly depends on the tourism industry.

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