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Why WebinarJam is Best App To Support Live Video Events

Last updated on August 31, 2021


Whether you are a businessman and want to promote your new product to a large audience, or you are a celebrity and want to give answers to the questions of your fans, or you are a politician and want to promote your agenda, you need to go live to stream your content worldwide. There are different applications and software are available in the market for live video broadcasting, but I found WebinarJam, the best application that provides so many functions to broadcast your content. These are the three main reasons why I believe that WebinarJam is one of the best webinar applications. You can also check our detailed WebinarJam review.

1: Support Upto 6 Live Presenters

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The most important and the best feature of WebinarJam is that you can have 6 live presenters in a single webinar to impress your audience. Here you can check a list of the 24 best software for webinar platforms that can be used for your live presentations.

Most webinar applications available in the market support only one main presenter with small thumbnails of the others while WebinarJam shows all 6 presenters at a time arranged in a beautiful grid. Along with this, JamSession of WebinarJam uses the latest WebRTC Live Casting Standards and you can’t find this technology in other commonly used webinar applications.

2: More Exciting Features

With this unique application of its own kind, you have many features that other applications won’t give you. Like you can broadcast your video using your webcam and you can also share your whole desktop.

You will be amazed to know that instead of sharing a complete desktop, you can also share a single particular window of your desired application. With all these exciting features, if you have a pre-recorded video you can play it just like a live webinar in full HD.

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3: Replica Replays

As suggested by the name, you can have replica replays of your webinars. It means that once you have recorded your video and went online in a webinar, that, you can again replay the same old video and it will behave just like a live webinar is running.

You can pretend it is just like a live presentation. The original community will be synchronized with your video while you replay your webinar.

These are the three main points, which I believe that you will not find in any other webinar application. Though there are many more features that I did not mention here. You can compare different features and prices on official website of WebinarJam

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