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The Best Activities to Enjoy During the Winter in Turkey

Last updated on February 15, 2023

Top Things to Do in Turkey-in-Winter

Skiing and snowboarding in Turkey are continuously improving, which is great news for everyone who enjoys these winter activities.

When compared to the cost of skiing in European and North American ski resorts, the ski pass prices offered at a number of ski centres located throughout the country provide an excellent bargain. These ski centres offer modern facilities.

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Top 5 Winter Activities in Turkey

Utilize our list of the top things to do in Turkey during the winter season to get some ideas for how to organise your vacation.

Hot Air Ballooning: Cappadocia

Hot Balloon Winter Turkey

Even while Cappadocia sees a large number of visitors between April and October, the most enchanted time of year to visit is in the winter, when the fairy chimney formations are blanketed in a layer of snow and the landscape is covered in a blanket of frost.

Flying over the sinewy valleys, which are stuffed with hoodoo rocks and prickly cones, is the ideal way to take in all of the beauty that the snowy landscape has to offer.

Riding on hot air balloons in Cappadocia is one of the most well-known things to do in Turkey and is at the top of the to-do list for the vast majority of visitors.

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The terrain can be viewed in its entirety from a birds-eye perspective thanks to the year-round availability of balloon rides, despite the fact that these rides are occasionally called off owing to poor weather.

Because hot air balloon rides don’t get underway until well after sunrise, you’ll need to bundle up well and be ready for temps well below freezing when you’re picked up to begin your excursion in a balloon.

Visit in either January or February if you want the best chance of seeing snowy vistas. Even while it’s possible to have snow at any time from November through April, December and January are often the months with the maximum accumulation.

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Lake Çıldır Sleighing

Lake Çıldır Sleighing

Despite being a popular winter destination in Turkey, where visitors tend to congregate during the month of February, Lake ldr is still largely unknown to travellers from other countries.

The trek through the mountains to reach this high-altitude lake in Turkey’s hilly northeastern portion is definitely worth it because it is a winter wonderland.

With a surface area of 123 square kilometres, the lake is the second largest in Turkey.

The lake completely freezes over during the colder months of the year, and its surroundings are dominated by snow-capped mountains. During the coldest months of the year, residents of the area provide horse-drawn sleigh rides and ice fishing excursions on the lake.

It is a very well-liked way to take in the surreal beauty of this snow-covered scenery, which appears to have been lifted directly from a fairy tale.

Sleighing trips typically include a stop at one of the ice-fishing spots on the lake, where local villagers display their traditional techniques for catching fish throughout the winter.

On the lake, in addition to the time-honoured activity of sleighing , visitors can also rent snowmobiles and engage in a variety of other, more contemporary modes of transportation.

Trip on the Eastern Express Train

Eastern Express Train Trip Turkey

The winter is the most popular time to ride the Eastern Express (Dou Ekspresi), which runs from Ankara to Kars and is considered to be the most well-known train line in all of Turkey.

The beauty throughout this train journey that lasts for twenty-four hours is the main attraction, and during the depths of winter, the high plateaus and jagged mountains that frame the northeastern area of Turkey are entirely covered in snow.

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It is highly advised that you make reservations in advance for this train excursion, despite the fact that it is not very popular with tourists from other countries but is quite popular with travellers from Turkey.

It is not uncommon for the train to sell out its available seats several months in advance.

Kars is one of the greatest destinations to visit in Turkey for winter activities and things to do, since it is the closest centre to base yourself for journeys to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ani, as well as Lake ldr. The train ride comes to an end in Kars.

Palandoken Skiing

Palandöken Skiing

The Palandoken Ski Center, sometimes referred to as Ejder 3200, is located on the slopes of Mount Palandoken in the northeastern region of Turkey, just seven kilometres from the city of Erzurum.

This ski resort is often considered to be the best in Turkey due to its high-quality amenities as well as its extensive terrain, which spans 43 kilometres (making up 22 pistes). The ski runs are connected by a total of 13 ski lifts, the most important of which is a main cable car.

Due to the fact that the resort area is located at an elevation of 2,200 metres, this is Turkey’s highest altitude ski centre. As a result, it draws a large number of daring and skilled skiers who wish to ski off-piste down the treeless high-altitude slopes.

However, there are also trails here that are suitable for beginners and intermediate snowboarders and skiers, as well as facilities that are geared toward families, such as a toboggan park.

In the event that skiing is not enough for you, Palandoken also offers the opportunity to participate in winter tandem paragliding.

Because of the resort’s high altitude, the ski season here is typically longer than in other ski centres in Turkey. From December through April, skiers have the opportunity to hit the slopes for an average of roughly 150 days per year.

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The resort region is easily accessible by regular public transport from Erzurum, making day visits to the slopes convenient. The ski resort itself features a large number of hotels, in addition to a variety of dining establishments, spas, and retail establishments.

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Skiing at Uludağ

Skiing at Uludağ

Mount Ulu, often known as Uludag, is home to Turkey’s busiest ski resort, which can be easily accessed from the city of Istanbul.

The ski resort area on the slopes here offers complete amenities for a day of skiing or snowboarding as well as complete rental facilities for ski equipment. The ski resort area can be reached either by road from the city of Bursa, which is located 36 kilometres to the north, or by the Bursa Teleferik, which is the longest cable-car ride in the world.

There are 16 lifts that can transport skiers to each of the different slopes, and the resort area has a total of 28 kilometres of different slopes that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.

There are 27 hotels in the vicinity of the resort, catering to guests who are interested in more than simply a day excursion to the slopes.

The ski season in this region begins in late December and lasts until early March, with the greatest conditions often being found in the months of January and February.

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