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Why Your Office Needs Wire Strippers and Types of Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are handheld tools that are used for the purpose of precisely peeling back the insulation or outer sheath of the end of a piece of electrical wiring in order to attach something else, such as a connector, terminal, or even another wire.

With the number of pieces of electrical equipment in the modern office, it is a good idea for every office to have at least one pair of wire strippers. 

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Wire stripper types for office use

There are various different types of wire strippers that can be made use of in an office environment, each of which has been specifically designed to deal with certain wire stripping tasks such as peeling light insulation to cutting through stronger materials including the likes of conduit and copper. Many wire strippers are based on the traditional design of pliers. 

Manual wire strippers

Manual wire strippers are the simplest type of wire strippers, perfect for relatively light tasks that only require the minimum of force to accomplish. They usually come with self-opening spring-loaded handles as well as a safety lock.

Manual wire stripper variations include adjustable strippers, sheath strippers, steel armored strippers, triple-action strippers, pistol wire strippers, and insulated strippers. 

Automatic wire strippers

Automotive models come with synchronized jaws that are designed to enable users to easily cut wire sheathing and then strip it away with just one handle squeeze. 

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Laser wire strippers

Laser wire strippers are a very high-end option that provides an alternative to more traditional options for insulation removal and one that is recommended for particularly precise work.

This can include cabling with a very narrow diameter, insulation material that is particularly tough, or highly specialized cabling such as cabling that is intended to be used with medical equipment. 

Safe use of wire strippers

Wire stripping is an everyday task for engineers and electricians but they and anyone else who attempts to use them still have to take safety precautions, as is always the way with any task that involves electricity. 

Wire strippers are manufactured with safety in mind, and while a sharp knife can be used to strip small wires it is much safer to do so with wire strippers, which are intended to cut down on any danger of injury. 

Thin wires, including broadband and TV cables, are very susceptible to damage during the process of stripping so it is important to be cautious and make use of an adjustable stripping tool that is suited to the task.

A specially designed stripping tool will need to make the first pass on plastic-sheathed cabling so as to be able to gain access to multiple wires, all of which come in individual sheaths.

Standard electrical procedures should be followed when working with any electrical cables. 

The best wire strippers for office use will depend on the specific tasks that need to be carried out, and it is important to not make compromises in regards to reliability or safety.  

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