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Write For Us: Become A Contributor or Submit Your Guest Post

write for us

Do You Want to Write For Us?

Do you want to write for us? If the answer to this question is yes, then we have great news for you. We are offering you an opportunity to showcase your work at Dunya Urdu.

For the freelancers and the writers, Dunya Urdu is a great platform as they can create their own online portfolio and can show their work to their clients. If you can write informative articles for us, you can get them published on Dunya Urdu and get a good chance to show your portfolio to your potential clients.

It will help you in getting more clients and more work. Which means you can make more money through writing quality articles.

Create Your Portfolio

If you want to create your own portfolio at Dunya Urdu, you can send your article using our contact us form. If your article is good, will publish your article with your name. When you have 3 approved articles, we will include a link of your personal website in your article and we will include your picture. (Author bio with NoFollow tag).

After getting 3 approved articles, you can also include links to your freelancing profiles like Fiverr and Upwork and to your social profiles as well.

Before you start writing for us, it is good to contact us using the form below or read the writing guidelines below.

“Write For Us” for Guest Posting

If you want to write for us to create a portfolio or want to write as a guest blogger and looking to get back a link to your website or to your client’s website, then you can do that as well. We accept guest posting if and only if the article written by you is of good quality and can add value to our website.

The article should be related to any category which you can see in the primary menu bar above.

Follow these Guidelines If You Write For Us

If you want to submit your guest post or you want to create your portfolio then you must follow these points. So, read all the points before you write an article for us.

  • The article must be 600 words long. (Not more than 1500 words).
  • Send us at least 1 high-quality image (minimum 700×500).
  • Minimum 300 words description required if you want to publish an infographic.
  • The article must have useful information for the readers, you can also include useful tips. Or it should provide a solution to a problem.
  • Promotional articles will not be published. Your article shouldn’t promote a company, a brand or any product.
  • Only the English language should be used and it should be easy to understand.
  • The article should have good sentence structure. Sentences should not be too much long or too short.
  • There must be proper formatting by using short paragraphs, include bullet points and h2, h3 heading tags (if required).
  • Proper spacing and punctuation. Proper capitalization of different words or letters.
  • You will never publish the same article or the part of the article on any other online platform.
  • The article will remain published on our website. But if you publish it anywhere else, we will remove your article without any notification.
  • Don’t use any software to auto-generate the article or to spin an article. Such articles will not be published.

You can get back 1 DoFollow link from the Guest Post. The link will be provided from the second half of the article i.e. after 300 words. The link will be provided with natural anchor text, it will not be a promotional anchor.

We Accept Articles For Following Categories

  • Business
  • Fashion & Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Health, Beauty & Skin Care
  • Home Improvement and Decor
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Lifestyle
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Law
  • Home Appliances & Electronics
  • Internet & Digital Marketing
  • Online Money Making (Only real and legal ways)

Please use the form below to contact us in case you need any information. Please make it sure that your message is well composed and there should not be any HTML in the message. Don’t send messages other than English or Urdu language.

Thank You!