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Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Dad – Quotes for Father

For every son, for every daughter, a father is always a role model for them. If a father is the first love of a daughter, then he is also the first ever real-life hero for a son. So, as a son, you must find some best birthday quotes for father and say ‘happy birthday papa’ on that special day for your father.

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Most of the dads are very hard working as they have to make some money for the family. So, it is not good to send happy birthday wishes for father late at night. It is better to wake up early in the morning and then said happy birthday dad to him.

You should tell your father that his love is great and you appreciate him and his love for you. Like you can see the birthday greetings for father in the image below.

happy birthday wishes for husband and father Unique 34 Birthday Wishes For Message

Sometimes, when you don’t have enough words, or you are emotional and you don’t remember any birthday quotes for dad, then no need to worry. Just hug your dad say Happy birthday father and thank him that you find him always with you whenever you needed.

Happy Birthday Dad Quotes

Tell your dad that as a child, you wanted a kind and understanding father. A father who can understand the mood of his son, who knows what his son demands from him. Tell him that you are lucky that you have found exactly that father who understands you and your needs.

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Tell your father that you love him and either presents a birthday greeting card for father or send a birthday message for father on the cell phone. Or you can wish him yourself as well which is the best to express your feelings.


It is not important to learn a lot of happy birthday wishes for dad by heart. You just have to express your feelings to your dad on his birthday. You just need to tell him that you are so blessed that you find a dad like him who is a hero in your real life.

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Tell him that he is your inspiration in life and you will try your best to be like him and be supportive of your family just like your father. These real feelings would be much better than any other birthday wishes for dad which you just memorize from any website.

happy birthday wishes for dad

If you are planning to arrange a birthday cake for dad, then it is also good to find a few happy birthday dad quotes from your favorite birthday wishes and messages site and write your favorite birthday message for dad on the cake. Or simply you can write happy birthday dad on the cake.

happy birthday wishes for father

Remember, these are only a few ways to greet your father with a birthday message and their might be many more. I would love to say happy birthday to my dad in a new and unique way every time. So that he can feel that he is special to me.

So, keep visiting this blog and always get the latest, unique and cute happy birthday dad messages.


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