Best Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes For Everyone

If we talk about the celebrations, then Birthday is the most celebrated event all over the world. Every person celebrates this event in his or her life many times a year. It means a person celebrates his or her own birthday and they also celebrate the birthdays of their friends and family members.

In every person’s life, this event brings a lot of happiness and they receive a special birthday message or some best happy birthday wishes from their loved ones. Even every person greets other with a special birthday message to make their day special.

Sometimes these special short birthday wishes play an important role in the life and these birthday wishes can bring two people close to each other.

If you are looking to find some great happy birthday greetings for a friend or for a special person than you are in the right place. Here you will find beautiful birthday wishes for your mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or for your lover.

You can find various android or iOS apps from where you can find cute birthday messages and wishes but why should you install any application when you find and send a happy birthday message to a friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages For Mom

happy birthday mom

When you talk about the “true love”, the first name came to mind is your mother’s name. When there is no hope, when there is no way, the only hope and the only way you can find is through the guidance of your mother.

There is no better way to repay than wishing your mom a happy birthday. A good way to wish your mother a happy birthday is to create DIY greeting cards and write some cute birthday quotes for mom.

Your birthday wishes for mummy will make her happy and believe us, there is no better way to make her feel that today she is the most special person on earth right at that time.

Check these best happy birthday wishes for mother:

Happy birthday, Mom! Here is your special day once again. A time to celebrate this day with all of us as a family. Thank you for everything you have done for me in your life. You deserve a fantastic birthday party, let’s do it.

During my childhood, you were the one who provides me a shoulder to cry, who provides me a joke to laugh at, you were the one who gave me hope to live when there was no hope. Now I am old enough to do the same for you. Let me wish a very special happy birthday to my lovely mother.

Every mom is special in this world, and I knew that. But no one knows how special you are for me. There are so many birthday quotes for mother but I feel that there is no better birthday message for mother than saying, Love you Maa!

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Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes For Father

happy birthday quotes for dad

It is very common saying in every society that the only man who wants you to be successful and even at a better place than him is your father. He is a man who dreams of all the family and worked hard to make the living standard of the entire family better.

So, how can you ignore to wish your father a happy birthday? You should have your birthday card read with a great happy birthday message for father. When you father gets warm greetings from your side and listens “happy birthday papa” he will be the happiest man on the earth at that time.

Here we will provide only a few best happy birthday wishes for father:

On this special day, I want to tell you dad that you are a true inspiration for me, my true friend and also a teacher as you always guide me through good and the bad of the life. Happy birthday, Dad!

As I am getting older, I am realizing that a dad like you is just like a desert rose, a rare dad, and the most beautiful dad. I am so blessed that I have a dad like you. Happy birthday to the best father in the world.

Dear Dad! you always keep me safe and secure with your unconditional love and help. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me so far. Happy Birthday!

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Cute Birthday Messages and Wishes for Wife

It is true that there is no special day to show your love or to express your feelings to your wife? Saying I Love You, is very common for a husband for his wife. But it is also true that a birthday is an event for which even the wife is waiting for the best birthday wishes for wife from her husband.


Best Happy Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes For A Friend

You can note down or can make a birthday greeting card by writing these happy birthday wishes for a friend. You can either send the happy birthday message using your cell phone or you can send the bday message using your WhatsApp account as well.

Check these birthday wishes for friends:

As a friend, you are the only person who I can trust and I know that this friendship is always loyal and true. Things we share with each other in this friendship is greater than all. I am happy to wish a very good and blessing birthday to my best friend.

Smiles should be counted as your life, not the tears. Friends should be counted as your age, not the years. Wishing you a happy birthday my dear friend.

My goal is to arrange the best birthday party for my best friend in the world. Get ready to celebrate your birthday party as we are meeting this evening. Happy Birthday!

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