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Katherine Heigl Spending More Time With Her Family Now


Farmer fashion model and American actress, Katherine Heigl is now spending more time with her family as she knew that her family is important to her.

Mother of 3 kids, Katherine Heigl shares pictures of her kids on her Instagram account too often. She has two adopted daughters Nancy Leigh and Adalaide Marie Hope while in 2016, Katherine Heigl gave birth to a baby boy Joshua Bishop.


You can find a lot of funny videos and the cutest pictures of these 3 kids on their mother’s official Instagram account.

Joshua Didn’t Recognize Her Mother

Katherine Heigl Son Didnt recognize her

Katherine had beautiful blond hairs but recently she changed her looks from blond to brunette, Due to this change, her 4 years son Joshua didn’t recognize her. 

While Katherine Heigl is working for Firefly Lane, she turned brunette from blond and she said that the reaction of her son Joshua was amazing. He kept asking where are your brown hairs when he was only 2 and Katherine got back her signature blond style back at that time.

By the way, if you are curious that why Katherine Heigl chose to star in ‘Firefly Lane’, you can check her explanation here.


She further said that she loves to change the hair color from blond to brunette and vice versa. She shared a picture and mentioned that her girls are hiding as they don’t want to be in the picture because of their changed hair color as well.

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Katherine wrote that she will soon share the pictures of the girls with their hair cut as well and they can’t hide from the camera for a long time.

Katherine Heigl discussed Racism with Kids

Katherine has two adopted kids and both are girls Nancy Leigh and Adalaide Marie Hope. One from the South Koria and the other from the U.S. 

Both the daughters are from different areas and they have different skin colors and different eyes. Though Katherine loves all her 3 kids and she makes no difference at all. But she said that I have some feelings that some people might hate them because of racism.


She said I would love to tell my daughters that they are the most precious one on this earth, you are beautiful, worthwhile and valuable, but there will be some people in the society who wouldn’t love your just because the color of your skin or the shape of the eyes you have.

Katherine Heigl said, it is not easy to tell them and share these things with the growing kids without destroying their feelings and soul, but eventually, I have to do this.


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