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Smartwatch Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Smartwatches buying guide

Well, in the world of such modernization and advancement everybody is looking forward to new innovations and inventions to save time and human resources.

It wasn’t until the near past that a watch has been considered to be a tool for timekeeping but now they’re much more to it than a simple timekeeping tool. The concept of Smartwatch has added a whole new dimension to it and therefore it has emerged as a very useful and trending gadget to have.


It makes you operate important tasks on your phone right through your wrist saving you the hassle of taking the phone out time and again for actually being fooled by some annoying app notifications and nothing else.

OS and Device Compatibility

Smartwatch OS Compatibility

While purchasing a smartwatch, which OS is best compatible with your device is a most concerning question that mostly remains unanswerable. Well, there are different options available in the market among which the best ones are Google Android wear, Samsung Tizen OS and Apple watch.

The watches with different OS have different compatibilities for the devices. For instance, google android watches work best with a number of devices like LG watch sport, Huawei watches 2, Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, moto 360 2, Sony smartwatch 3, etc.

Whereas the Samsung Tizen OS works best with Samsung flagship devices like Samsung gear s3, classic, gear S, etc.



Smartwatch Display Buying Guide

In smartwatch, the display is always the biggest concern. To make the display size big enough to be operable by finger touch and still be smaller enough to be wearable at the wrist is quite a task.

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Therefore, the new launches of smartwatch-like Android, Neptune pipe, etc. comprise 2+ inches display which is just perfect for a watch. LED or AMOLED displays are used commonly, making the quality of photos and overall screen display a better experience.

But recently Apple and Samsung have taken the display game to the next level by introducing OLED, which on one hand provides thinner and better display but also consumes minimum battery thus increasing over-all battery time.

Notifications and Alerts


Smartwatches are aimed to provide you the alerts of important notifications from your phone. So, you can choose a glimpse if the notification is worth attending to or not. Apart from your calls or messages alert, you can sync.

Your social media accounts and many apps to get notified about by your smartwatch. You can also choose from your smartwatch which app to be opened on the phone or which notification to be answered through your phone avoiding unnecessary scrolling.


But there are great fluctuations in the options available in different smartwatches according to the companies and OS they one needs to consider before making a purchase.

Apps and Watch Faces


The number of apps that are compatible with your smartwatch largely depends on the category of the smartwatch. With all the new added features in a smartwatch, most of them have to offer 20,000+ apps to be synchronized and operated with a smartwatch.

Not just that the newer releases of Android let you download apps directly on your smartwatch rather than syncing via your phone. So, you can actually have control of multiple things under your one finger touch.

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If you are not interested in the smartwatches and you are looking to buy the traditional quartz watch then you must check this Vincero watches review.

Fitness Features: Heart Rate and GPS

Smartwatch Fitness Features

Like almost all new phones, the smartwatches are also coming with built-in sensors for Heart Rate and GPS which let you monitor your heart rate all the time especially during exercise bouts and GPS enables your location anytime anywhere even in the absence of your phone.


So, you don’t have to carry over your phone for your running or jogging routines as your smartwatch would be your best fitness companion to keep the record of your running time and distance, your heart rate and would be your stopwatch as well.

Battery Life and Charging

smartwatch battery life

Smartwatch with long-running batteries is rare to find. With all the pros one of the few cons of the smartwatches is short battery life. On average the battery life of the best smartwatch is about 1 to 2 days. The Pebble smartwatches, however, are considered to have the longest battery lives of 3 days.


The pricing for smartwatches depends totally on the brand and the model of the release. It ranges from $100 to $1600 depending on the type and company. The apple smartwatches are the most expensive ones ranging from $500+ for the oldest one to $1400 for the latest models.


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